Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chaysing Memories Book 2 by Jalpa Williby, A Book Review

Book two of the romance novel that grabs your heart, wins another five stars.  The continuing saga is nothing shy of thoroughly entertaining.

The characters have developed some, especially Tess with her maturity.  Her graceful step up and Chayse's virility connect so strongly that they seep into your psyche and mesh for quite some time.  I found myself thinking about the story long after it ended, and since there is one more sequel, wondering what would happen next.  I know what I want to happen, and I can only hope my wishes come true.

The second book resumes pretty much where the first one left off and didn't have a lot of back story that you had to read.  I like that.  Because, if you haven't read the first one, what are you doing reading the second one of a series?  I don't want to help you get the picture; I want to get on with the show.  Fortunately, this book gets right on with the show and I was not disappointed with it either.  It was fun, well paced and easily engrossed you with the characters and their lives.

Tess was a very naive young girl in the first book, but comes into her own in the second.  The great part is, the love story actually brings her to fruition and Chayse was developed to sizzle the picture.  This guy was... well let's just say I hated it when he wasn't in the scene.  Crazy?  Yeah, I know.  But, he was just my kind of guy, and he is what made the story so great for me.  Tess was interesting, but being female, she didn't quicken my heart.  Know what I mean?

The love scenes again are well written without being offensive or crude.  They were much more tender but passionate and driven which fit the story perfectly.

The supporting characters came more into the story line this time giving some depth to Tess and Chayse.  It gave them more substance and credibility allowing the reader to feel more of their emotions and understand some of their thoughts outside of the immediate scene.  It was just well done.

Many times romance novels can be pretty predictive, not only in steps but concept as well.  I didn't feel that way with this story.  It wasn't earth shattering events, well some were actually quite, okay enormously surprising, and even when they weren't I couldn't predict how things would unfold.  I love that.

Truly, I enjoyed this book immensely.  I felt my heart beats match their steps and hope they won, and didn't want it to end.  This is a great book and well written which I thoroughly enjoyed, that you need to buy for a great journey.

Free From The Tracks by K. T. Bowes, A Book Review

Sohpia and Dane find each other, love and life.

Sophia had a hard time with social interactions.  She did well in school academically, but socially she was a wreck.  Written for young adults, they will easily be able to relate.  Her saving grace is meeting a young boy named Dane.

Dane, due to Sophia's introversion, has to make the first move.  Of course being in the awkward stage they are, neither one handles the encounter as well as they'd like.  So the uncertainties bubble to the surface and they learn how to deal with them in the normal raw and uncensored way we all do.  Their feelings are exposed and met with disdain from some and encouragement from others.  How they weave their way to a secure place, is wonderful.

Kate has a way of bringing you into their world, feeling their emotions, and living their lives before you even realize you're there.  You feel their sorrows, pains and joys and you love every minute of the journey.

This book is one of a series and you can be sure, they will all be read once the first one is opened.  The everyday lives of some are what we may be far removed from, so reading a story that's told so real and simply, gives a depth to your soul that wasn't there before.  This story will leave a mark of growth on your soul, and march you to the enlightenment of love and compassion beyond what your normal life may give.

These books should be given to all youth.  Their impact would be strong and good as well as entertaining.

Tam Lin by Heather Osborne, A Book Review

A short little tale that brought back memories of stories written long ago.

This story has been told many times in many ways, so you'd think it would be tiring to hear it again.  But if the author is adept, she will take you on a journey like you've never been there before.  Heather does quite well with that, and the story does keep you thinking about the next scene.

The love scenes were more graphic than I like, preferring to be able to paint my own final picture, but it kept you turning the pages.  I really liked the writing of the character's accent, it brought them to life and the descriptive settings made it complete. 

Overall it is an interesting short tale.  The journey will stick in your mind long after the last page, and if you're like me, take you to another era and another place.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ill Fated by Evelyn Ink, A Book Review

This fantasy takes you on a journey that was everything but slow, boring, or stale.  The creative mind of the author kept you engaged and watching a great movie play out as fast as you could read it.

From the beginning of the book I wondered what was going to happen and that never changed.  The character was anything but perfect which made you enjoy her even more.  You saw her as a real person, not a perfect part of a real person.  In fact at the end it was like saying goodbye to a new friend.  I really wanted there to be more, and at the very end of the book I read she is now writing a sequel.  This book does and can stand alone.  The story ends on a good note, but how Evelyn wrote the story, you really got to enjoy these characters and want to spend some more time with them.  You know, I wondered what they would do next.  And I'll bet most everyone else will too.

Leila is the main character that flows on a quest from an affluent upbringing to the ills of dirt, danger and horrors.  She doesn't become a person using her background to let others take the lead or do the dirty work.  Her actions and reactions don't really surprise you once you get to know here, in fact they give you satisfaction.  She's straightforward, non-assuming, and honest.  That's her first quality, and far from her last.  Her determination makes you root for her, and her morals gain your respect.  She keeps you interested, entertained and happy to see what she does next.  Interested yet?

Who she meets along her quest, and how the story unfolds will bring surprises and awwhh moments that only enhance the storyline.  What I really watched for was the development of a romance between Leila and Cyrus.  It was on the fringes and yet circumstances had to keep it at bay.  Evelyn was good at keeping the emotions there yet not dwelling on them which I think could have made the storyline less exciting and more assuming than it was.  She did bring that subject to the surface at the very end though, which only made me want more of them both.  See what I mean?  It needs a sequel.

The story is about a young girl on a quest she knows little about, to prove she can lead the people of her ruling father's kingdom.  What she discovers in the quest changes her life, her knowledge and her destiny.  It's a well written and highly entertaining story that anyone who enjoys fantasy or a mystery will love to read.  I know I will now be reading her other books because a good writer usually has some great stories.  Enjoy friends!

Chaysing Dreams by Jalpa Williby, A Book Review

It's romance novel that had some great love scenes, an interesting storyline and a sequel that's an absolute requirement.  The author drove the line with an interaction between two people that was obviously fated.  Neither could escape the other and you don't want them to either.

This is the kind of story that you feel.  Jalpa writes so you feel the emotions, the sensations and the physical pain as clear in your mind as if you were truly there.  Unfortunately and maybe it is due to the age the character spans, but there are some moments that make you say, really?  You know, the 'she isn't really that dumb' thoughts.  Again, I can only assume the author was portraying the main character's age so in the sequel, we should be past those moments since she matures.  I know it makes the character more real to not know it all, and make mistakes, but these moments went a little too far for me.  I must stress though, it did not take away from the story as a whole, I loved it, and would actually read it again.  Few other books do I say that about.

The steamy love scenes were just that.  I felt Jalpa wrote them very well.  This is not always an easy task, but she has it down.  The immaturity of the main character Tess though, due to her age, inexperience and other things you'll find out, did at times take some of the steam out.  But alas, it was easily ignored when the fires were that hot.  If you like romance and love scenes, then you will certainly like these.

So many times romance stories can be really dull.  The actual story is nothing to care about, wonder about or even remember.  Hopefully for those ones you had great love scenes to read.  This one is different.  You find yourself wondering a lot about what was really going on, and what was going to happen.  What does this or that mean in the scheme of things?  When a love story can keep you entertained beyond the love scenes, then the author is going their job.  Jalpa certainly did her job in both writing, storyline, character development, intrigue, romance and everything in-between.

After I had finished this book I found out the sequel was just released.  I quickly purchase it because I have to find out what happens next, as soon as possible.  I really am excited and anxious to read it.

This story was very entertaining and the characters memorable.  Actually envisioning would be a better word, at least the male one, for me, if you know what I mean.  It had more depth than many other romances and kept the fires burning even after the scene was done.  If you enjoy romance novels, you will absolutely love this one.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kindreds: An Alliance of Bloods By Tani Mura, A Book Review

I love it when the story goes to scenes that you don't see coming, and ones that may even get you a little upset.  One such scene in this book did get me a little upset.  But, I have to believe there is a reason for what happened and hopefully the second book will massage my feelings.

Tani Mura gives us a taste of not just one different world, but two via completely dissimilar cultures.  The characters in these two cultures see things differently in some ways, but very much the same in some of their foundational thinking.  They just don't see it yet.  You certainly get the feel for what they think and why, and then, per design I'm sure, you start to wonder how things will jell for them as a whole and be ultimately be resolved.  What you think you want to see happen doesn't quite get there this time, but you do get a surprise.

The surprise has a great amount of potential and depth, again keeping the reader not only engaged, but anticipating and anxiously waiting for more information to be revealed.  The depth of this surprise is one you can only guess at because this author is not someone you can assume or predict with.  She is quite unique and creative.

The characters are well defined.  And even though the lead was sometimes a little too head strong for me, I realized it was only because of where her personality developed from.  To make her any other way would have been uncharacteristic and unworthy of her situation.  The others were true to how they developed.  Tani showed how some can change because of some little thing that was different in their life or change because they couldn't see past their own selfish wants. Tani did it right from one to the next and kept you interested and liking every single one. 

If you like dystopian stories you will really like this one.  It actually had me REALLY curious from the beginning, and even as things unfolded, I never lost that quest for answers.  I really grew to like and even enjoy the characters.  I could see the expressions on their faces and feel the energy  and personality each of them had.  That only comes when an author tells you enough to see them right there before you. Well done Tani.

I know every teen and adult would enjoy this book and once read, will hunt down the next one.  Five stars to a great book.  Thank you Tani Mura!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Red River by Kelly Van Hull, A Book Review

This second book doesn't miss a beat continuing the journey with a creative and structured plot of exciting wonder.
The characters, story and writing I so enjoyed in the first book certainly didn't disappoint in the second.  The very first chapter brought you back into the fold of family and the whole different life they were forced to create.  You easily slipped into and accepted their plight, and sooner than a flash of light you were cheering them on to win.  Win not only the freedom their hearts sought, but a win for the others who may not see the forest through the trees.  Everyone needs a hero, but few can be one.
Dani, I'm sure, never dreamed about being a hero.  She just wanted to do normal things, be independent and laugh with her friends.  Like most teenagers.  But when push came to shove, she wasn't having it.  Forced to face a new reality in the first book brought her to a new level of self reliance and independence that just can't be undone.  And as much as her parents wanted to believe in their own control, the new Dani was not coming back.
Even as she learned that help from her family and friends was priceless, her stubborn pride often got in the way.  The teenage and even sometimes adult stubborn reluctance to meld with her supporters and comrades cost her, but also helped her.  You'll have to read the book to know what I mean.  I just can't give too much away and spoil the adventure for you.
Loss and tragedy are no strangers to Dani, her family or friends.  But reality has a way of dealing the blows and yet blocking the disintegration you would expect.  Sometimes the determination and resolve to win, keeps you going and ensures your propensity for strength.  For them, that strength and weathered hearts were hard earned.  The costs were incalculable as they fought to keep it together, but the wealth would prove to be infinite and forever seared into their souls.
Each character had their journey you got to read and see throughout the book.  The author's ability brought them all together yet kept them separate enough to understand and get to know, and then absolutely grow to love.  I have to say I was even hard pressed to 'choose' as Dani was supposed to do.  I hurt for the loser, yet reveled for the winner.  It was just that involved, intense and yet crazy.  Crazy I couldn't choose, and really didn't know which one she would choose.

The book came to an end and it wasn't one I felt let down with... well except for one part.  I wanted there to be another solution for just one thing, but who knows, maybe there will be yet another book moving this even further.  There really could be, it's a great storyline.  So again I just have to say, get the books!  Seriously, you do not want to miss out on a great story.  Thank you Kelly Van Hull, it was a wonderfully well written adventure I truly enjoyed, and just give another addition to these two some thought.  Please.

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Tent City by Kelly Van Hull, A Book Review

I sat staring at the last page, wondering about the story, thinking about the events, and mentally willing there to be more pages to turn.  This story grabbed me whole, wouldn't let go and I gladly accepted its grip.
I truly fell in love with these characters, the story, the writing, and absolutely everything in between.  The drama kept moving, and the descriptive scenes took me on a journey I won't soon forget.  I found myself feeling as if I was there, it could happen, and wondering how I would react.  Would it be the same as Dani did, or something far beyond what I can imagine?

Dani is the lead character.  She was a normal teenager without much to worry about except feel like all teenagers do, that life would be much more interesting if they were on their own.  Until she is, and she discovers how unprepared she is and succinctly realizes she would much rather be back home.  Circumstances won't allow that though, so she learns to adapt and grow into an almost self reliant young woman.  I say almost self reliant because she stubbornly wants to be, but soon discovers that help for and from others is more precious than pride.  She and her brother were better off with a few new friends once she understood self dependency was a waste of time and resources, when a group does so much better with more efficient results.

As in any life, true friends are far and few between.  Dani and her friends are no exception, but the depths of that truth are seen in emotional veins that rock their world to the edge of sanity.  Wavering on threads of despair, they find their way toward freedom and happiness, bearing the agonizing hurts of loss and tragedy along the way.

With each sentence you learn more about your new friends, and feel their heart beat catch with yours in each step they took.  You root for them, you hurt for them and you thank the author for taking the time to write as richly as she did so you had the fortune of that experience.  Each character had their moments of you wondering are you serious, but that's what kept them real.  They weren't perfect in a far from perfect world and that made it easy to really like them, greatly enjoy the story, and desperately hope for more.
That last page was a killer, because that's what it was, the last page.  Thankfully Kelly has book 2 out, called Red River.  I of course will be reading it as it is already up on my kindle now.  Get the books!  Seriously, you will miss out on a great story otherwise.  Thank you Kelly Van Hull, it was a wonderfully well written adventure I truly enjoyed.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sceptor Book II The Emerald of Phaunos by Scott L. Collins, A Book Review

This second book is just as good, moving and creative as the first one.  I loved it, and I know kids and teens will love it too.  I read this in one sitting, and I'll bet kids will too.  The downside is the third one isn't out yet.
The story about four kids that grew up too fast from circumstances beyond their control, truths beyond their years, and morals that keep them straight has all the markings for an exciting, and enduring venture.  And that's exactly what it was with showers of contrast and really creative twists the plot is full of surprises, and yet Scott weaves several bits of quality lessons into the story which I found to be really wonderful.

The fantasy in the story is really creative with the different people, animals and whatchamacallits  keeping it lively and very entertaining.  The story concept is simple but the writing takes it to a whole new level with inventive scenes that keep you turning the pages until the end.
These four kids learn things about each other, themselves, and life.  They understand how it should be, the evil that is and can be, and what can be done to change it.  They brave the elements, the unknown obstacles in their paths and face their fears head on, but they don't show any less of the reality of what they would show emotionally if it really happened.  The characters are kept real and personal allowing you to get to know them, like them, and cheer for them.  You have to laugh with them, feel sorry for them, hope they survive, and run with them when they need to.

The value of family is evident in this story, not only in their need to see and maybe even save their parents, but realizing that they are also a family all their own.  They come to realize that they care for, love, help, and most of all need each other more than they had ever anticipated.  What started out as scared kids not knowing what to do with their new situation in life soon became a family of kids determined to turn things back to the way they should be.  Hopefully back to the way they were.  Although I have a feeling that after going through all this, it won't be quite what they want either.  I think a new way of life is on the horizon.
As these children go through their mission fighting to survive, the reader will feel the determination, and revel in their successes.  It's a quality book for children and young adults that will be greatly enjoyed and talked about with their friends.  I have sent these to children I believed would really enjoy them, and know some have already.  This series is a great gift to a child you know.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Artifact by K. T. Bowes, A Book Review

Oh how to tell the loft of the spirit that flies as you read this story.  This tale is a love story that touches your soul, and grabs your heart spinning your world.

Kate knows how to not only spin the narrative to great emotional depths, but inscribe the scene with pitch perfect points of interest laying bare all that's necessary for the reader to live the scenes; feel the emotions, hear the wind and even feel it flow over their skin.  It's a trait all authors strive to reach and Kate has it right.

Lara, the main character, has an interesting job.  She loves it and relishes what she learns from it.  You can sense the intensity of her regard for it as she uncovers and preserves history, bent on keeping it alive and intact, feeling the emotions its secrets may hold.  But being in such a profession doesn't keep her heart from feeling the hurts or loneliness that can happen in her real life.  As you learn her story, you feel her struggles, pain and hope.  You hear her sobs, her laughter and silence.  And you get to know and care for her, wanting all that hurts to be turned into love and joy.

Then you meet Arama.  His first impression is cutthroat, rude and yet exuding virile handsomeness.  How could anyone resist that or should I say forgive that and not resist the other?  But judging by appearance only usually has some unexpected surprises underneath, and Arama is no exception.  What Lara wants to believe and thinks she sees are not what lurks beneath the surface.  Thank goodness for heartfelt women or we would all be a lonely lot.

As the story unfolds and you feel the waves of emotional turns and twists, you realize how you want things to turn out, and hoping that's how it ends.  And even though the other characters weren't as pivotal to the story, you learned enough about them to want to know more too.  You were allowed glimpses into their lives and yet left with a few questions, which kept you glued to the story from beginning to end, searching for more.  Hoping for more.

So this is how the author keeps you entertained in her works, looking for the next venture she pens to the page.  Enjoying the creative thoughts she spins out in a tale that wraps around you as you turn one page to the next, you relish the moments you get to spend in another place, another life and another time.  Kate wrote a love story that was much more than that.  If you like love stories, you will love this.  It's a short story that I could have read for days.

The Stone Gods by C. B. Pratt, A Book Review

This creative tale ranks tall with all the colorful stories depicting Greek mythology.  Enos the Thracian takes you on an enjoyable journey.  It's a journey beyond the norm, yet he envelops you with such unique and interesting charm that you become embedded in the story.

Seriously, I felt like I was there, walking, talking and observing all that was going on.  Okay, and maybe like in the old days, swooning over Enos.  I admired him, and better yet, I really, really liked him.  Cynthia Pratt has created a monster, a monster of a man as addictive as chocolate.  From the beginning you are wondering about him, picturing what he looks like and searching for clues to know more about him.  With her spell binding writing she creates a thirst that is never really satisfied; you want more of him even when the story ends, and even after you close the cover.

This is the second book in the series, but the story can actually stand alone.  Well kind of... like I said, you want more of this Enos the Thracian man of wonder, so one book just isn't enough.  The story though does come full circle so you don't begin in the middle of the previous book, and you end with a clear picture ending, even as you want another written page to follow the last.

Enos was created to solve problems, at least that's what he does for a living, but the story has hinted that there is more to the depth of this creation than has been told... so far.  I am wondering what the first book had to say, and of course have purchased it to read and hopefully ease my quest which I am sure it will help, but with Cynthia Pratt's masterful work the next book will have to be purchased as well.  You just can't get too much of Enos.

The other characters are entwined enough to keep you firmly entrenched in the story, but never take away from the main character.  You don't find yourself really wondering more about them than Enos, which I'm sure, was the author's intent all along.  They all keep the story animated, colorful and interesting, but still manage to keep you focused on what Enos does, how he will react, what will happen next, and of course what he looks like.  Ah, the never ending questions of a female reader about a virile male character.
I had to give this story five stars.  With a good storyline, a vibrant and enticing main character and the author's ability to make sure you want more, it couldn't be anything less.  I will absolutely read the first book which is already on my shelf, and rest assured the next book or books as well.  I have always enjoyed stories based around Greek Mythology, and this one can certainly claim the top hat spot.  Thanks Cynthia Pratt, your adventure was fun.  Get the book and enjoy.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bishop Street by Rene D. Schultz, A Book Review

This story is an experience you won't soon forget.  It's a story about four children who grew up in an orphanage unwanted, unloved, and clinging to each other for hope.  Four children had an entrenched hope they would be adopted and daily prayer they would even survive their mostly ugly and unhappy journey.

Hope is all they thought their camaraderie was, but years later they discovered that no matter what happened or why they were together in that rigid loveless orphanage, they cared deeply for each other.

I was drawn to this story because I have always had a tender heart for children without families.  As a child I just couldn't understand it, and wondered why other families didn't make sure no child had to endure that.  Of course growing up, maturity makes you see things differently, but it doesn't necessarily change how you feel about it, and I still have a hard time accepting our society's shortfalls.

'What doesn't break you will make you stronger' has certainly been proven time and again, and these children had no choice but to see that song through.  Each one's test was different in execution, but ultimately culminated to the same tune. 

Each child's maturity into adult brought its own set of obstacles, trials and tribulations, but one core emotion ran steady through each of them.  That solid feeling of family and the need for one, and it never wavered in their souls.  It's strong and taut thread kept them searching for solace and peace of mind, and yet striving to bury the very reason for their plight.  Their search and then their quick need to justify situations kept them mollified a day at a time, because they couldn't fathom what or how to massage their empty hearts.  One space, the one for family, just couldn't be filled.  It was an emptiness that led them down many roads, each one just as barren as the next.

For some it looked like the perfect life on the outside, but was total terror and sadness on the inside.  Creating what they craved brought some happiness, but still left a hole in their heart that sought to be filled.  And then some seek to anesthetize the pain, some with mind altering substances, some with work, and some with isolation.  These four children sought all of them, and realized one day that family wasn't just a mom and dad.

Taking this journey with these four children into adult was touching and uplifting.  What they endured and then accomplished gives the reader a feeling of empowerment and hope just like they had.  It's a good story that everyone will enjoy.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Necessary Evil of Nathan Miller by Demelza Carlton, A Book Review

Deep heart wrenching truths revealed by Caitlin leave you nothing but respect for her raw honesty and will.  And as you immerse with the characters once more you realize the depth is beyond calculation, leaving their story stamped on your soul.

The second book of the nightmares trilogy keeps you intrigued, as well as the first book, and the suspense still churns with renewed quests.  This story was a reveal from Caitlin's truths and again I couldn't put it down.  As in real life, we all have versions of a story that another does not, and Caitlin had things to say that Nathan could never have imagined, keeping you rooted to the characters and feeling all their emotions, running the gambit from love to devastation.  All of the feelings and passions kept tingling at a rapid pace, ensuring your heart was glued to the words that were both soft and glaring on page after page.

Caitlin's experience was nothing short of shocking.  Yet her spirit made your admiration of her so strong that reading each page was like a privilege; one you were thankful she allowed.  You realize as she does, that one person was pivotal for her.  One person kept the light on in the dark recesses of her mind as well as the depths of doom she was living; one person who really doesn't understand just how much he did.  He thinks he didn't do enough.

Demelza's gift for writing is again wonderfully evident in this book.  She again directs a story with a straight purpose, letting the characters weave you through the scenes keeping you rooted to them and begging for more of the same.  You feel connected to them in so many ways, even if you've never lived what they have.  You feel.  That's the key to her success.  She writes so you feel all they are feeling and that's how it marches into your mind and makes a home, refusing to leave even after the story is done.

Throughout this book as well as the first, I wanted answers to questions from the very beginning.  With the story being told by the lead now, some very significant answers are revealed, but not all of them.  If is apparent we will need at least one more book to settle the score.  And with how I perceive Caitlin and Nathan now, settle is just the right word.

As in real life, you realize these two are just not connecting in plain English sometimes.  That ugly word assume is forefront and center, as they each think they know something they don't.  Communication is the downfall of many a relationship, and even after all they have gone through, and relied on each other for, talking plainly is not their forte.  No, hiding and skirting to what they think is helping the other is their preference, and really, when you understand why you love them even more.

This story and the characters are developed with a depth and expanse that keeps you wondering and reveling in their spunk and perseverance, capturing your attention with no diversion possible.  The journey and characters are so emotionally charged it leaves a mark on your soul; one you don't want erased or eased because it now has significance to your character; your heart, mind and soul.
I know my take on this story may seem crazy as I gush in awe, but I loved it.  I think it's great, wonderful, very written well, and you simply must read it.  Bet you can't put it down either.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer by Demelza Carlton, A Book Review

Intrigue, suspense and a gut wrenching story that you can't put down.  It's a straight forward story written so that you feel it all, every inch of the way, and still left wondering what really happened.

Caitlin escaped from her captors, or did she?  She had help from someone named Chris or so it seemed.   But then Nathan just happened to be there to find her, or wasn't it a coincidence?  Who did this to her?  Why?  How did they pick her, was it random or is there a much bigger picture?  These are questions that flutter your thoughts as you turn page after page hoping to find all the answers.  You analyze all the details deciding to be the super sleuth and figure it all out before you get to the end, but good luck with that.

Demelza Carlton has a gift when she writes; the gift of weaving a story of intrigue while setting a stage that appears to be straightforward, yet is anything but.  She creates characters that you root for, care for, and yet aren't sure of.  You wonder if you should believe what they are saying, or realize they mean different from what you understood.  She keeps you on your toes and rooted to the story, making it impossible to do anything but keep turning the pages.  She invites you into the story and then anchors you with your soul, wrapping the words around every fiber of your being making you not only unable, but unwilling to put it down, even after the last page.

Somewhere during the tale you think you have it all figured out, but when you get to the end, you're lucky if you did.  That's all I can say because I didn't quite hit the mark.  But wait, she ends it with a blast of question marks searing your brain with only a few simple words.  And now you have to know more.  Now you realize there is much, much more to this story, and you just have to know what it is.  Even though you still had questions about some things, the last page actually cranked the engine to warp speed of wanting the answers.

The characters are developed with such depth, that you realize this book has really only scratched the surface, drawing you to start the search for book two.  Actually, Demelza shouldn't be allowed to publish a series without all of them being ready for sale.  Simple as that.  It should be against the law.

I think it's quite obvious I really liked this story, and loved the writing ability even more.  It was wonderful, superb and a must read.  Every one she writes I'm sure is great.  I know I will be finding that out as soon as possible.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering by C.S. Johnson, A Book Review

The story takes you to another place, another time and even another dimension, yet you never leave the same town, people and normal day events.

I have to admit, the story has you wondering at times what exactly the overall summation of the events that are happening really means.  You can follow it easy enough, but you can't quite piece it all together until near the end.  Then, as I am sure the author intended, you get the picture, well at least you think you do.  To a degree, there are purposely placed suggestions that you need, at least I did, answers to which I am sure will be addressed in a sequel.  And those suggestions are revealing in more ways than one which actually keeps you guessing if your conclusions are correct.

The characters are normal teenagers, the lead being extremely self centered and narcissistic, but that truly isn't farfetched in real life.  They have regular activities, social interactions and concerns (maybe dramas would be a better word, considering), but what they seem to ignore mostly because they don't want to deal with an issue that doesn't benefit them, as usual, are little and sometimes even big differences from the norm.  This actually keeps you rooted to the age of these kids though, not expecting them to act like adults, or should I say mature adults.

The settings that change the norm are creative and interesting from the 'unknown invading the quiet small town' view.  What actually happened though was not completely revealed.  Of course it was stated what happened, but it's what occurred afterwards that clued you in to the fact that the simplistic answer was not the complete one.  And then other clues were dropped throughout the story that kept you wondering what was really going on, or better said, what the big picture of the story is.  Hence the need for a sequel, or the fans will riot.

Overall I enjoyed the story, and even liked the self-centered, narcissistic, good looking, lead character Hamilton.  You understood his desire to find his way, discover who he is, and develop who he will be.  You could even see his behavior toward his parents as being typical for many teens, not the ideal, but it made him real as a person; a likeable person even.

This story will be enjoyed by its target audience without a doubt.  It speaks their language, is creative, entertaining, and fun.  The teens are portrayed as real as you were at that age, and the story is not one you've read a million times.  I enjoyed it, and now have to read the sequel so I can satisfy my unanswered questions.  Teens and others will enjoy it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shadowland: A Tale From The Dark Ages by C.M. Gray, A Book Review

This is a tale that wraps around your mind and keeps you embraced, engaged and entertained.  It's an historical fiction fantasy, written to school, but really completely entertain

I love stories of medieval times and fantasy so it had a lot going for it from the start.  The writing though was what took you into the era hook line and sinker.  You saw, felt and heard what the characters did from page 1 through to the end, and lived in that time.  It truly was wonderfully written.  I read some other reviews, and seriously thought the lower rated ones somehow missed the mark.  I found a few mistakes in this book, but I can find those and more in the biggest named authors out there.  The author's writing ability far outweighs a few mistakes.  Trust me.

If you know anything about King Uther, King Arthur, Merlyn and the Druids, then you will know some of the storyline.  How this author goes into the background of these people though is what keeps you fascinated and wondering throughout the pages.  I always wonder about characters and in this case historical figures and their lives beyond what I have read, such as their childhood, what shaped their personalities and so forth.  This story ventures into that realm of speculation, or maybe truths, you be the judge.

It's a great story to give to a younger audience, from 3rd through adult age as it is written with clean yet interesting verbage.  No sex or profanity, and even though there are wars fought and therefore violence, it is told with a gravity toward a 'compassionate humanity wins out', giving it an ending feel of the right morals are in place.  Morals that when the leaders lived by them, a great nation was born.  History tells us how great it was, and also what the falsehoods and falters were.  If only present leaders would understand history and see that it repeats itself, for the same reasons.

The format of the story is a character that lived it, telling the story of what actually happened.  It was a nice and comfortable rendering that made you feel connected, like years had not passed.  The fantasy elements were what allowed this possibility and for the story to continue, again connecting you with the past as if it happened just yesterday.  I consider it a great way to tell an historical tale that keeps the reader engaged and learning a little history at the same time.

Overall I loved the book.  I have since purchased it for others, and recommend all who are interested in the medieval times to enjoy this venture.  The ebook is extremely easy to buy, very affordabe and one you definitely won't put off reading after reading just the first page.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

3 Days in Paradise by Chameleon, A Book Review

A clever mystery that touches your heart.  A story the shows just how powerful love and life can be.
Danielle, Dani for short, seems like a normal woman trudging through the trials and tribulations of life.  The roller coaster of a ride can cause anyone to question what the reasons are and why things don't go the way you think they should.  Dani certainly does that.  She settles for something akin to what she wants instead of marching with determination and absolute resolve to garner the true essence of what she wants and needs.

Fate, destiny, whatever you wish to call it though, has different meanings and implications for different people.  What one sees as fate, others see as coincidence.  Dani, couldn't decide if what she experienced was fate, or even real.  Maybe it was a complete hallucination of what she wanted her life to be, or hoped it would be like.  After all she had been in an accident, maybe her mind was damaged or something.

The implications of this story are numerous.  What we know as facts cannot always be resolutely measured.  We know love, we feel it in more ways than one, but we can't weigh it or see it in an absolute way.  So it is with our emotions about death, birth, and our innumerous actions that we perform throughout our lives.  We all account for them in some way, with regret, sadness, satisfaction or even joy.  How Dani resolves her emotions about her life and actions she took touches your heart.

Chameleon wrote with passion, letting you feel Dani's pain, her love, her every emotion.  You road the car to her destiny and felt all the bumps, bruises and road blocks along the way.  For a short story, the depth of character and issues was much more than I ever expected.  The journey is touching, mysterious and heart wrenching throughout.

Some have said this is a religious story, I say it is an emotional story with the character deciding for her heart what is real, what is right, and what feels true to her very soul.  It was what Dani believed and felt that made the story what it was.  It was how well it was written that allowed us to not only be on the journey, but in it with our hearts and our soul.  You can read this in less than a day, and truly enjoy it.

Writing short stories that stir your soul, imagination and emotions is not that easy.  You don't have a whole book to develop your characters or expand the story to help with that.  So when an author can create a short story that does it all, you have an author well worth reading.  I can bet her other books are just as good if not better.  Well done Chameleon, it was a great story well written and a pleasure to read.

Dreama's Destiny (Strangers of Darkness) by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bigham, A Book Review

Dreama's Destiny was a love fantasy fueled by heartfelt fire.  A fire so intense you'll feel it to your soul.
 Jennifer and Mindy scorched the pages of this book, and the story didn't disappoint either.  The storyline was fascinating, and captured your interest from the start.  Literally.  From the very first page.
The story and main character kept you stuck like superglue to each page, unable to put the book down.  I'm actually not sure if it was the storyline or the unabashed way it was told.  The writing draws you into the character's heart and insists you feel exactly as she does.  Is that fantasy at work?  I'm not sure but you want to fantasy to work for you before you finish the book.
I don't think the story was so intense you lost sight of the whole picture, but you certainly did have to take a breath at times.  Great loves stories that are written as this one is do that to you.  And they make you search for more; another story just like this one.  Thankfully Jennifer and Mindy are still writing.
I do have to admit though, and this is a spoiler of sorts.  When Zane turned out to be a vampire, I thought oh dung.  Vampires are not something I like to read about.  That has just never been my cup of comfort.  But how these authors wrote that into the story, not only surprised me, it melded it into a perfect okay for me.  Seriously, I would have dated this character.  That in itself is earth shattering.
Dreama had a huge mountain to climb in several aspects of her life, but she did it with a determination and grace that made you admire her.  She showed those who sought to harm her that she would not be defeated and in fact would be a force to be reckoned with.  You felt her fears, loved her courage, and wanted to help her shore up any intimidations she felt, or cheer on Zane to do just that.
Zane, her love and soul mate.  You felt the fire of their love, written so there would be no doubt; written so you could touch their souls and feel their hearts beating as one.  Zane did have his own demons, or shall we better put it, more than 100 years of being a single noncommittal vampire with an, I don't need anyone attitude, that he fought to deny was stripped by a single kiss from Dreama.  That loss felt like he lost perspective and control, putting him in the I will conquer attitude which just made it all the more fun.
The story is about the life of Dreama, but yet it is so much more.  Dream's destiny is just a breath as the story unfolds into the fantasy world of what that destiny really is; what all her abilities encompass and what they really mean.

Jennifer and Mindy immerse you into their lives letting you feel their emotions, live their pains, sorrows, love and hope.  When a story captures your emotions, it is one you remember.  Even if you don't enjoy it, you will still remember it.
This book is not only one you will enjoy, but I am very certain in will remember.  Some of it you will remember explicitly.  It's that moving, creative and exciting, and one you want more of.  I can't wait for the next one.  The ending leaves you hoping the second book will be out tomorrow.