Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chaysing Memories Book 2 by Jalpa Williby, A Book Review

Book two of the romance novel that grabs your heart, wins another five stars.  The continuing saga is nothing shy of thoroughly entertaining.

The characters have developed some, especially Tess with her maturity.  Her graceful step up and Chayse's virility connect so strongly that they seep into your psyche and mesh for quite some time.  I found myself thinking about the story long after it ended, and since there is one more sequel, wondering what would happen next.  I know what I want to happen, and I can only hope my wishes come true.

The second book resumes pretty much where the first one left off and didn't have a lot of back story that you had to read.  I like that.  Because, if you haven't read the first one, what are you doing reading the second one of a series?  I don't want to help you get the picture; I want to get on with the show.  Fortunately, this book gets right on with the show and I was not disappointed with it either.  It was fun, well paced and easily engrossed you with the characters and their lives.

Tess was a very naive young girl in the first book, but comes into her own in the second.  The great part is, the love story actually brings her to fruition and Chayse was developed to sizzle the picture.  This guy was... well let's just say I hated it when he wasn't in the scene.  Crazy?  Yeah, I know.  But, he was just my kind of guy, and he is what made the story so great for me.  Tess was interesting, but being female, she didn't quicken my heart.  Know what I mean?

The love scenes again are well written without being offensive or crude.  They were much more tender but passionate and driven which fit the story perfectly.

The supporting characters came more into the story line this time giving some depth to Tess and Chayse.  It gave them more substance and credibility allowing the reader to feel more of their emotions and understand some of their thoughts outside of the immediate scene.  It was just well done.

Many times romance novels can be pretty predictive, not only in steps but concept as well.  I didn't feel that way with this story.  It wasn't earth shattering events, well some were actually quite, okay enormously surprising, and even when they weren't I couldn't predict how things would unfold.  I love that.

Truly, I enjoyed this book immensely.  I felt my heart beats match their steps and hope they won, and didn't want it to end.  This is a great book and well written which I thoroughly enjoyed, that you need to buy for a great journey.