Sunday, March 23, 2014

Red River by Kelly Van Hull, A Book Review

This second book doesn't miss a beat continuing the journey with a creative and structured plot of exciting wonder.
The characters, story and writing I so enjoyed in the first book certainly didn't disappoint in the second.  The very first chapter brought you back into the fold of family and the whole different life they were forced to create.  You easily slipped into and accepted their plight, and sooner than a flash of light you were cheering them on to win.  Win not only the freedom their hearts sought, but a win for the others who may not see the forest through the trees.  Everyone needs a hero, but few can be one.
Dani, I'm sure, never dreamed about being a hero.  She just wanted to do normal things, be independent and laugh with her friends.  Like most teenagers.  But when push came to shove, she wasn't having it.  Forced to face a new reality in the first book brought her to a new level of self reliance and independence that just can't be undone.  And as much as her parents wanted to believe in their own control, the new Dani was not coming back.
Even as she learned that help from her family and friends was priceless, her stubborn pride often got in the way.  The teenage and even sometimes adult stubborn reluctance to meld with her supporters and comrades cost her, but also helped her.  You'll have to read the book to know what I mean.  I just can't give too much away and spoil the adventure for you.
Loss and tragedy are no strangers to Dani, her family or friends.  But reality has a way of dealing the blows and yet blocking the disintegration you would expect.  Sometimes the determination and resolve to win, keeps you going and ensures your propensity for strength.  For them, that strength and weathered hearts were hard earned.  The costs were incalculable as they fought to keep it together, but the wealth would prove to be infinite and forever seared into their souls.
Each character had their journey you got to read and see throughout the book.  The author's ability brought them all together yet kept them separate enough to understand and get to know, and then absolutely grow to love.  I have to say I was even hard pressed to 'choose' as Dani was supposed to do.  I hurt for the loser, yet reveled for the winner.  It was just that involved, intense and yet crazy.  Crazy I couldn't choose, and really didn't know which one she would choose.

The book came to an end and it wasn't one I felt let down with... well except for one part.  I wanted there to be another solution for just one thing, but who knows, maybe there will be yet another book moving this even further.  There really could be, it's a great storyline.  So again I just have to say, get the books!  Seriously, you do not want to miss out on a great story.  Thank you Kelly Van Hull, it was a wonderfully well written adventure I truly enjoyed, and just give another addition to these two some thought.  Please.

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