Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chaysing Dreams by Jalpa Williby, A Book Review

It's romance novel that had some great love scenes, an interesting storyline and a sequel that's an absolute requirement.  The author drove the line with an interaction between two people that was obviously fated.  Neither could escape the other and you don't want them to either.

This is the kind of story that you feel.  Jalpa writes so you feel the emotions, the sensations and the physical pain as clear in your mind as if you were truly there.  Unfortunately and maybe it is due to the age the character spans, but there are some moments that make you say, really?  You know, the 'she isn't really that dumb' thoughts.  Again, I can only assume the author was portraying the main character's age so in the sequel, we should be past those moments since she matures.  I know it makes the character more real to not know it all, and make mistakes, but these moments went a little too far for me.  I must stress though, it did not take away from the story as a whole, I loved it, and would actually read it again.  Few other books do I say that about.

The steamy love scenes were just that.  I felt Jalpa wrote them very well.  This is not always an easy task, but she has it down.  The immaturity of the main character Tess though, due to her age, inexperience and other things you'll find out, did at times take some of the steam out.  But alas, it was easily ignored when the fires were that hot.  If you like romance and love scenes, then you will certainly like these.

So many times romance stories can be really dull.  The actual story is nothing to care about, wonder about or even remember.  Hopefully for those ones you had great love scenes to read.  This one is different.  You find yourself wondering a lot about what was really going on, and what was going to happen.  What does this or that mean in the scheme of things?  When a love story can keep you entertained beyond the love scenes, then the author is going their job.  Jalpa certainly did her job in both writing, storyline, character development, intrigue, romance and everything in-between.

After I had finished this book I found out the sequel was just released.  I quickly purchase it because I have to find out what happens next, as soon as possible.  I really am excited and anxious to read it.

This story was very entertaining and the characters memorable.  Actually envisioning would be a better word, at least the male one, for me, if you know what I mean.  It had more depth than many other romances and kept the fires burning even after the scene was done.  If you enjoy romance novels, you will absolutely love this one.