Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ill Fated by Evelyn Ink, A Book Review

This fantasy takes you on a journey that was everything but slow, boring, or stale.  The creative mind of the author kept you engaged and watching a great movie play out as fast as you could read it.

From the beginning of the book I wondered what was going to happen and that never changed.  The character was anything but perfect which made you enjoy her even more.  You saw her as a real person, not a perfect part of a real person.  In fact at the end it was like saying goodbye to a new friend.  I really wanted there to be more, and at the very end of the book I read she is now writing a sequel.  This book does and can stand alone.  The story ends on a good note, but how Evelyn wrote the story, you really got to enjoy these characters and want to spend some more time with them.  You know, I wondered what they would do next.  And I'll bet most everyone else will too.

Leila is the main character that flows on a quest from an affluent upbringing to the ills of dirt, danger and horrors.  She doesn't become a person using her background to let others take the lead or do the dirty work.  Her actions and reactions don't really surprise you once you get to know here, in fact they give you satisfaction.  She's straightforward, non-assuming, and honest.  That's her first quality, and far from her last.  Her determination makes you root for her, and her morals gain your respect.  She keeps you interested, entertained and happy to see what she does next.  Interested yet?

Who she meets along her quest, and how the story unfolds will bring surprises and awwhh moments that only enhance the storyline.  What I really watched for was the development of a romance between Leila and Cyrus.  It was on the fringes and yet circumstances had to keep it at bay.  Evelyn was good at keeping the emotions there yet not dwelling on them which I think could have made the storyline less exciting and more assuming than it was.  She did bring that subject to the surface at the very end though, which only made me want more of them both.  See what I mean?  It needs a sequel.

The story is about a young girl on a quest she knows little about, to prove she can lead the people of her ruling father's kingdom.  What she discovers in the quest changes her life, her knowledge and her destiny.  It's a well written and highly entertaining story that anyone who enjoys fantasy or a mystery will love to read.  I know I will now be reading her other books because a good writer usually has some great stories.  Enjoy friends!