Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Free From The Tracks by K. T. Bowes, A Book Review

Sohpia and Dane find each other, love and life.

Sophia had a hard time with social interactions.  She did well in school academically, but socially she was a wreck.  Written for young adults, they will easily be able to relate.  Her saving grace is meeting a young boy named Dane.

Dane, due to Sophia's introversion, has to make the first move.  Of course being in the awkward stage they are, neither one handles the encounter as well as they'd like.  So the uncertainties bubble to the surface and they learn how to deal with them in the normal raw and uncensored way we all do.  Their feelings are exposed and met with disdain from some and encouragement from others.  How they weave their way to a secure place, is wonderful.

Kate has a way of bringing you into their world, feeling their emotions, and living their lives before you even realize you're there.  You feel their sorrows, pains and joys and you love every minute of the journey.

This book is one of a series and you can be sure, they will all be read once the first one is opened.  The everyday lives of some are what we may be far removed from, so reading a story that's told so real and simply, gives a depth to your soul that wasn't there before.  This story will leave a mark of growth on your soul, and march you to the enlightenment of love and compassion beyond what your normal life may give.

These books should be given to all youth.  Their impact would be strong and good as well as entertaining.