Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Keeper's Curse by Diana Harrison, A Book Review

A fantasy that proves anything can happen, especially when you least expect it.  It's a story that's entertaining and surprising which you'll certainly enjoy.

Emmy was a typical normal teenager finding her way in life; at least she thought so.  So when things happened to her that wouldn't happen to others, she really couldn't grasp what was going on, nor did she care to.  Being out of the normal in the reality she knew was just her imagination.  Well, that's what she wanted to believe, until she couldn't.

This story supported and belied the belief that parents do what they think is best for their children to protect and help them.  Sometimes it's some of that and sometimes it's more of what the parents want.  Emmy had to find out and deal with exactly where her mother's point of view was.

Every teenager is still developing into an adult mentally, emotionally and physically.  Testing relationships with friends and parents, learning new feelings, and determining who there are is a daunting task.  In Emmy's case she had all that but now it was also in a new reality from what she had known all her life.  Dealing with those emotions was a roller coaster.

Diana's portrayal of Emmy went on a journey from one emotion to another as would be the norm for a teenager's life.  It made her feel real and honest.  Sometimes I felt she should have lingered a little more on her emotions in some scenes because I they weren't strong enough for that scene, but then again that's what teenagers do.  They can go from crying to laughing in seconds, and not bat an eye about it.

The story line was quite interesting, and not what I had expected.  I love stories that do that.  The fantasy became a belief that it could happen.... somewhere.  That's because the characters were believable.  Their words, emotions, and reactions had you believing, supporting and really liking them.  Of course with every story, there is always something that the character does that you think, that was really stupid.  And that's what teenagers do.  That kept it real.

This being Diana's first novel, I now know she will be a best seller turning out great stories for many years.  Her first writing was done quite well, and of course with anyone of such talent, it will only get better and better.

I really enjoyed this book, its story and characters were memorable, and I love the book cover.  I can very well imagine the story going into another book.  Everyone should read it if they want to escape this world and have some fun.  I'll be watching for her next one.