Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Calling: My Journey with the Angels by Kim O'Neill, A Book Review

This is an autobiography of an extraordinary gift Kim was given.  She had a choice to ignore it, or use it to help others.  To ignore it would be easy, somewhat, to use it would entail life changes and hard work.  Through it all, Kim was thankful.  Even when it all made her mad.

Kim doesn't hold anything back.  She's honest, forthright, funny and maybe a little crazy, in a very good way.  She likes to do things her way, even when time after time she is told different.  It makes you laugh and think, really crazy girl?  And that makes her loveable and one of us.  She is just a wonderfully normal person with an extraordinary gift.

A gift like Kim's is not something most people can understand or imagine.  We all hear voices in our head, ours, but to hear another's and see them too?  I should be so lucky.  I can't think of a more interesting and fun job in the world, besides writing fiction that is.

This book tells about Kim's journey from child to adult with a gift that she didn't understand, relate to, or even realize she had until she was older.  Brought up as we are, that you have to prove science to say that it's real, makes for many skeptics in this field.  Sad for them, putting limits on reality and the unknown.  If you can think outside of our infantile knowledge of the universe and all it contains, then you will enjoy this book, and want to get her others to learn more.  You feel like you have shared a coffee with her many times.

Written from her heart, telling the truth no matter what, Kim tells a compelling story that makes you smile, laugh and think.  You wonder what you could do with the information she lays out at our feet.  She works to help others, and shows us just how much we have yet to learn.  Would we do the same?  Could we?  She talks about her experiences with her angels, and gives you the opportunity to learn how you can do what she does too.  It truly is amazing and exciting and enlightening to say the least.

You learn who Kim is.  Not selfish, but humble, not brazen, but compassionate.  She is just like the rest of us, sometimes shy, sometimes sad, sometimes afraid, and even though she has this unbelievable gift, she never has an ego.  She gives out as much if not more than she gets, and is always grateful for it.  Yes, grateful.  I was quite entertained and charmed by all that she has done, and wondering about all she will do.  When I read what I feel someone has written from their heart, I feel like a kindred spirit. 

 This book is for anyone who loves true stories, and wants to learn a reality that isn't yet taught from little on.  Hopefully, with people like Kim, that will come to pass.  Thanks so much for sharing Kim, we are most grateful.