Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Surprise Larceny by S. Furlong-Bolliger A Book Review

Short stories are just that.  You won't find a lot of fluff or character building; there just isn't any room for it.  That's probably why I don't usually read short stories.  I like to get to know the characters and really see, through descriptive writing, where everything is at.  So surprisingly, I could actually picture the scene and had just enough of the character's personality to feel and understand the emotions.

In reality, I think had the author wanted to, a full novel with quite a few twists and turns could have been developed.  That should actually be considered and played with when spare time permits.  It could be very interesting.

This story is what I would call deceptive.  You think you know what is happening, and you think you know what will happen, with maybe a quizzical quirk of your brow showing a little guess work, but then you realize you don't know anything.  You are not creative enough to see what was coming.  Ha ha.  And that puts a smile on your face.  That is a book that's fun to read.  That is what makes you say I want more from this author.

Now putting a story with that impact into a short story that still has sufficient build and development gets a bow from me.  My hat's off to you Ms. Bolliger.  Sometimes writing a GOOD short story is more difficult and complicating than a full novel.  So judging a book by its cover can be as equally deceptive as its size.  Granted, a cover will make you pick up a book, and a short story may entice you to buy for a quick read, but how do you know if it's any good and worth your hard earned dollars.  You just have to look for reviews and see what others had to say.  I have a feeling this and all of S. Furlong-Bolliger books will have good reviews, and they would be right.

S. Furlong-Bolliger has an ability to create an impact within a very small space.  With that insight and talent, I can only imagine what would happen in a full novel.  It would be a dynamite can't put it down kind of book I'm sure.  Books that everyone will be reading and talking about.

For a short, yet captivating read, this book is for you.  As a writer, I have to wonder what else could have happened, and wouldn't it be fun to find out.  Enjoy!