Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Gods of Asphalt Sawyer by H. E. Ellis, A Book Review

This is a story that touches your heart and captures your soul.  You enjoy sharing the time with Sawyer, his family and friends feeling like you belong.  You understand them, you could be one of the family, and really enjoy their company.
Oh to be sought after by a guy like Sawyer.  You just have to love him.  Yeah, he does some stupid things, but then who doesn't.  And actually, considering the road his life has gone down, it doesn't really surprise you, but it sure gives you an emotional reaction.  H.E. Ellis does a great job of developing her characters and as the story unfolds, so do the personalities that you end up absolutely loving.  So much so that I really can't wait to read Book 2, River, to hear more about him and of course Sawyer and the others.  Sawyer is my hero now.
While you are trying to figure out what makes each of the characters tick, you have to marvel and how the author weaves the story to reveal each person in their own light, but also how the interaction affects them.  Well, at least you think you have it figured out, or what the reasons might be, but then sometimes you didn't get it quite right, and the story brings you to another place and emotion, that you just didn't see coming.

Sometimes in a story, as you become involved with the characters, you want things to end a certain way, or things to happen in a certain way.  H.E. Ellis is really good at creating the emotions that actually force you to become involved.  It brings you to the party, and you just can't leave.  No reader really has any other choice.  You feel the joy, fear, pain, love; you name it, all the way through the book.  And sometimes the clock stops ticking as you relate something to yourself, which gives you an even keener insight to the characters and the story.

I must admit, I didn't think I would be so entertained.  I really enjoyed the story from start to finish, and cheered for the characters with their trials and tribulations as if they had been known personally to me for years.  The best part is, each character had its part, but of course the main character being Sawyer, you felt complete understanding and an almost finish with him.  I say almost because he is interesting and fun, so you want more.  I don't think you could ever get tired or bored with him.  But the other characters she left you wondering and wanting more information to explain their souls.  It makes you wantanxious to read the rest of the series.  H.E. Ellis better write fast, I think the fans will grow restless otherwise.  Very, very well done H.E. Ellis.