Sunday, February 24, 2013

Virtual Christmas by Clyde Hedges, A Book Review

Virtual Christmas is not what I expected. I thought the characters were all going to be in a virtual reality, but just one was taken for a reality check.

Our society has become a me first, I want, I am entitled mindset. Jake, the lead character is just such a hoodlum, but not from how he was raised but rather from the emotional traumatic pain he holds in from six years on.
His grandfather puts Jake into a virtual reality to steer him onto the right path. He lets him see what he has become from lashing out with anger instead of healing his pain.  Sometimes what you say to a youth is lost in the wave of sound to brain.  They either don't hear you, can't hear you, or completely ignore you.  And then there are times when the elder never took the time to be the voice of experience and reason.  Then you wonder if in death that person realizes what they missed out on; what treasures they lost.  Apparently Jake's workaholic grandfather realized it before his death, but after his death is when the clang of the bell was heard.

The next step for Jake was to open his mind, his heart and his eyes.  Reality is not always just what we can see or touch.  Being scientific or technologically savvy doesn't make you privy to what science can not yet define.  Stepping into the unknown is a leap of faith, and one that Jake has never taken.  In fact he closed the door with a slam when he was five years old.  Opening that door took courage, and once he can see the music, he can hear the message.  Then what he does with it is what makes your heart smile.

Jake's friends also suffer his obstinacy and superiority attitude and insults. No one is safe as he lashes out, even a cold homeless and defenseless puppy.  What he discovers though through his grandfather's help is what the basis of life is all about.  What rewards really make you happy, from what deeds you do, and things you accomplish.  Money is not the reward that gives you the greatest song in your heart.  Destroying a company or others won't heal the wounds in your heart.  The one thing that finally makes Jake heal and happy is what his grandfather finally makes him understand.

 It is a good story. I wanted Jake to succeed, but I also now want to know what he does next. He has a huge opportunity at his feet, and will he hold onto his new found reality, or will greed and self interests get the best of him yet.
I would enjoy another installment of Jake and his life. It is a fun read everyone would enjoy.