Sunday, February 24, 2013

Enigma Black by Sara Furlong Burr

Sara created a character that even when she exasperated you, you're admiration and hope for her was not deterred.  The story was drawn to keep you wanting to know what happened next.  It is a can't put it down just yet book, until you get to the end, which obviously won't be until the sequel is in your hands and read.
The story line is interesting, intriguing and emotional.  The characters give an emotional connection whether it's dislike, love, or hatred.  You become invested in what they are feeling and doing, so much so that you feel you are right there with them, and feeling their pain or joy.

I can actually relate the story line to our country, and what is going on.  Yeah, it may not be what is actually happening, at least that we know of, but the ideas are not really far fetched.  Control is power, and as in the story line, while Celaine fights for comfort in control of her future, by avenging the past, the real grabbers are launching tactics to get even more power, which will actually decimate the control she thinks she will attain.  It's a merry go round I know, but that's really how life is.  The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, so we do things to jump the fence, only to find out it's the same old stuff.  Celaine is beginning to question reality though, as she realizes things she just took at face value, really don't quite add up.
Unfortunately, every action we take has a consequence.  We may not realize what that consequence is at the time, or even down the road, but that won't change the outcome.  Celaine starts to realize this concept, and thinks about not only the mission she is on right now, but what happens if she accomplishes it.  How will she feel, and does that end it?  Since she started to think about all the pieces to this puzzle, and realized some just don't fit, there was no way for her to ignore her gut feeling that what she thinks the end outcome will be, is just not what will really happen.

Reading the Kindle edition and watching the percentage bar, I wondered how this was going to end, as I could see I was close to the end of the book.  I knew there weren't enough pages left to answer all the questions or resolve all the issues.  Yet I wasn't disappointed with the end of the first book.  The whole story was remarkable and greatly worth reading.  Thankfully Sara is working on the sequel.
Enigma: mystery, somebody or something that is not easily explained or understood. That is just what you and Celaine are trying to figure out as you turn the pages. An enjoyable story, with characters that explode your mind.

Get the book.  You will certainly enjoy it.  Sara does a great job.  Thanks Sara.