Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Other Side by Sabrina D. Guthrie, A Book Review

This book is in the paranormal realm, to some extent, and the romance novel to match it.  The story line moved along nicely, keeping the read interesting, and fun.  It's a nice short story to read and enjoy.

The main character is flanked by two friends that surprise and not only help her develop, but keep things interesting.  So many times stories seem to revolve around the main character suffering from the loss of a loved one.  When the person is younger of course it's usually a parent, if they are older, it's a husband, wife, or child that is driving or molding them in their choices.  In this case Brynn had lost her father at a young age, but what molded and drove her wasn't the loss as much as it was the questions she still had.  Everyone wants to make their parents proud, and often times put them on a pedestal.  Brynn was no exception, but coming to terms with what was real and what others describe as your imagination, was life changing for her.

Brynn's discoveries not only reshaped what she thought she knew, but what she emotionally felt, believed, and desired.  The door opened to her, revealed things she never imagined, and forced her to grow up a little faster and a lot stronger.

Close friends can be an asset and a crutch, the latter sometimes not being such a good thing.  But for Brynn having such close friends made her sudden revelations a lot easier to handle.  What she didn't expect was a new relationship she would never have engaged in without the revelation.  They say things happen for a reason, and in Brynn's case I think that hits the mark.

Being that it is such a short story, keeping things moving at a steady pace is a priority.  Making the events pull the reader in like you are actually standing next to them, gives realism to the story, making you feel like it could have really happened.  Or is it just wishful thinking?  Even so, most everyone wants good to win over evil, love over hate, happy over sad, but if getting there isn't an interesting journey, concern is lost.  So wanting it to feel real is paramount to keeping the reader there.  This story comes real close.  Had it been longer with more time to develop the characters, I think it would have been a slam dunk.

Everyone likes a good love story right?  This is a short but sweet one.  You will most likely want to be in Brynn's shoes.  I did.