Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aire by Lena Goldfinch, A Book Review

A fantasy written so you can see it like you're actually there.  It's a story that's entertaining and surprising which you'll certainly enjoy.

Even fantasies, with their creative, innovative and novel stories can become predictable.  So reading one that has interesting or surprising details makes the read really fun.

This story involved a princess that had a rare gift, but needed life to show her the true value of it.  Being protected and sheltered from the real world, she was ill equipped to handle being outside of the palace walls.  But being a stubborn and fiercely loyal and giving person she drew others loyal to her, which gave her the help she needed to fulfill her steps to destiny.

As is true in real life, destiny cannot be manipulated, it just is.  We may have choices, but what is supposed to happen, will.  For princess Annalisia, her destiny unfolded in a way she had never imagined.  Those things only happened in the fairy tales she was told as a child, maybe somewhere in real life but most certainly not in her life; at least nothing other than her special gift.  So how she handled these events was pretty true to how you would expect her to, which gave her the pinch test of being real.  It created the marker for becoming her friend, feeling her emotions, and enjoying her company.

You know the saying, rules are made to be broken, well in Annalisia's case, rules were not to be made in the first place.  That's only because to bind her with rules would be to smother her flame, and without her bright and beautiful spirit, the life of this story would be gray indeed.  She had an energy and wonderful outlook that kept you entertained, amused, and happy.  She is a fun character to follow.

The supporting characters were also with their own personalities that stood out from Annalisia's but at the same time, enhanced her.  Every one of them.

Even though as a princess she was not allowed certain freedoms with other stations in the social hierarchy, the very existence of it ensured her attention, both good and disruptive.  She just could not be bound, by anything.  That very simple word was an assurance of something happening.  It absolutely had to.  It was her destiny.  That attention included her fate.  Her heart screamed for what she couldn't have, while her mind strove to stay calm and centered as the princess she was taught to be.
If you like romances, and fantasy, then you will certainly enjoy this book.  And trust me, you will look to read Lena's other books too.