Monday, November 26, 2012

The Unsacred Gift by C.S. Dorsey - Book Review

Reading 'The Unsacred Gift' authored by C.S. Dorsey was absorbing and intriguing.  The main character's search for the sanctity of her soul was riveting and self identifying as we all search for the same things at some point if not all of our lives.

Finding your path, defining your personality and place in the world is a continuous challenge, especially for teenagers and young adults.  Adapting to changes, new situations, and traumatic experiences change who we are and what we think.  That certainly was the case here.  Sissy, couldn't identify with the real world for the fears she had of what would happen if she actually interacted with others.  Trying to stay separate, aloof and noncommittal comes with a cost.  Even as she discovered the huge consequences, she still had a hard time letting the emotions rule her heart while she guarded her secret, believing she was protecting not only herself but all those she cared for. As with anyone, our internal fight for being happy, and achieving inner peace and contentment with who we are and how things in our life are, become a daily event.  For Sissy, the event started when she was six, and continued up through college.  She seemed to be stuck in a one track, one verse song, that she couldn't get past until she saw the one person she cared so deeply for move into the next realm.  What she saw in that realm made her realize that life without certain things, and certain emotions, wouldn't be worth all the riches in the world.  This is when things started to become clearer in her mind.  Her soul had been trying to tell her things for some time, she just hadn't been ready to hear it.  Emotions have a way of changing everything in the blink of an eye. Events change things, but the emotions attached to them are much, much more powerful.

I really didn't want to put it down until I found out what happened.  The funny thing is, as I kept reading, and contemplating the ending, I was very surprised.  That ending hadn't even entered my mind.  That is what keeps a story great.  That and the characters always having something going on, whether you can understand what it is or not, you are always trying to figure it out.

Writing fiction is about creating a story that not only is intriguing, but compelling to the reader that they can't guess what is coming next, can't put the book down until the end, or how it will end.   It's a very good story, one you don't want to put down until the ends, and everyone would truly enjoy reading.