Monday, November 26, 2012

Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark - Book Review

'Stay Tuned', authored by Lauren Clark, was a quick read because I wanted to find out what happened.  It is one of those fiction stories that you think you know what and who did what, only to find out you were wrong.  And so was the main character.

It is one of those stories that you know things are put into place to keep you wondering what is really going on.  What you think is going on, twists to another direction, so you just have to keep reading to find out the answers.

The main character seems like the average person, no super powers, and even has a lack of self esteem.  She holds herself in a box, to remain in her comfort zone.  What she becomes is not only due to her self development, but circumstances don't allow for anything but certain changes.  She is actually slapped into the forefront position where there are few choices.  At least few that are good ones.

She finds out that not all things are what they seem, and her inability to seek truths before assuming is right in line with her self esteem issue.  Her coming to grips with her self worth, and the events that lead her there is interesting, but I didn't find it compelling.  She was more subdued when I wanted to see her much more determined, but the story line keeps you reading, wondering if she is going to get her strength and determination now, or what was going to happen first. 

You can actually feel the character grappling with her desires against her feeling that she is deserving of them.  Had the events not transpired, I don't think things would have changed for this character emotionally.  She doesn't have much support, since it seemed like she let things slip away, while life kept marching on.  Again, the events led her in directions that forced her to make changes to not only better her own life, but those around her as well.

This story was interesting but I kept thinking something much bigger was going to happen, and kept reading thinking it was just around the corner.  Things did keep happening, and who did what and why is not always what you thought.  So what  I thought was going to happen, didn't.  What did happen was a tame to me, but fit and was needed by the character.

Her development throughout the story was with impact from numerous sources.  As you wonder what you would do in that situation, you are content and even proud of how she handled it.

It is a nice story, and worth the read.  You never know, you might see some of yourself  there as well.