Friday, May 31, 2013

Aberrant by Ruth Silver, A Book Review

Innocence and hope abound in this story.  You find yourself rooting for the characters as they flounder through a reality they had never conceived of.  It is interesting, entertaining, and touching.

Olivia is a young woman thrust into an adult role without any preparation.  At least not prepared for anything beyond what she was supposed to understand and live as reality.  What she believed and had ingrained in her to be reality; however, was abruptly interrupted, and forever changed.  The new reality was haunting, shocking, and so very disturbing.  It rocked them to the cores of their souls and exposed their raw undeveloped foundations.

Joshua is Olivia's mate.  Soul mate, love, best friend, protector, and everything else she needed.  They became for each other what they not only felt for each other, but also what they needed and had to be to survive.  Neither one had been prepared for the drastic earth-shattering changes thrust upon them.  But they put on a brave face, took a step forward, and braved the storm.

Even though with every relationship there are doubts and missteps, you feel like fidgeting as they dance around their relationship with all the new vulnerable and cautiously rendered feelings.  It warrants memories of first loves, first kiss, first trials and first commitments that left you scared and feeling exposed and wonderful at the same time.  With each breath and beat of their hearts you want them to prevail. 

The journey of their lives is unexpected, and keeps you guessing, wondering, and anxious for their survival, not just physically, but also emotionally.  You want to see a win.  You want them to win.  The characters become adored and the connection strong as you root for them; no one else, just them.  Ruth kept them front and center letting you feel their every emotion, as well as fight their every battle.

This story gives you the full range of color from dark to bright and everything in between.  There are no dull spots, or trivial spots as each step builds to another.  The only thing you are left wondering about is what will happen next.  Even at the end, you want to go the distance and see what the next step is.  You feel like you have just lived a different life, these are your friends, and now you miss them.

Yes, I did enjoy this story, and really want to read the next one.  Ruth told it with flare, but firm direction and description without anything bogging it down.  She kept the pace even so you didn't feel a lag or want to skip ahead, realizing the sequence had to be, for it was a tale of two people and a very different world.
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