Saturday, November 30, 2013

Warrior's Oath by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bigham, A Book Review

Warrior's Oath is a love story fantasy that takes you to the moon and brightens your heart.  This sequel is nothing short of what I hoped and pretty much expected to follow Sacred Promises.  I loved it.

Jennifer and Mindy didn't disappoint.  The storyline was superb and the characters true to their origins.  They kept you entertained, and glued to the pages hoping that what you wanted to happen, did.  It's not that the suspense was so deep you didn't have a clue to what would happen, but things came up that twisted the course a little keeping you swerving to stay with it.

Queen Abigail had a lot to live up to, and a whole lot of herself to provide to her people.  You had to admire and respect her, yet the author made sure you knew her well enough to feel close like a friend to her.  It got you into the story as not just a reader but a comrade, a solid supporter.  You felt her missteps as well as her triumphs and cheered for more.  You felt her stumbles and almost wanted to help her up, but you rooted for Kaleb to do just that.

The same was true for Kaleb, her love and soul mate.  You felt the intensity of their love and not only admired it but needed it to quench the thirst for unity that would lead them both back to their rightful places.  Without their connection, it just wouldn't have been the same.  They kept the story alive and precious and intense.

This book being a sequel means the story needs to continue and be just as good if not better than the first book.  Well fear not, it definitely was, and the storyline did not deflate of falter in any way.  So even though I couldn't wait to see what happened after I read the first book, I was still only hoping it would keep me happy and content to the same degree because so many don't have the same ongoing magic the second time.  I had no reason to fear, it was really, really great.  Moving, exciting, and more, and now I can't wait for the next one.

This story has a timeline that must be told just as it is.  It could not be shortened or condensed without losing the most precious moments between the two leads, Abbey and Kaleb.  The scenes build their relationship and let you ride the waves with them.  It's sweet, endearing and exciting throughout the book.  If you like romances and fantasy, you will love this series.  I have no doubt the next book in the series will be just as good as the first two if not even better.  Get both books, you will absolutely love the story as well as Abbey and Kaleb.

Scapemaker by Steve V. Cypert, A Book Review

Reality is nothing but our perception.  Steve Cypert takes our perception through a new door, and we are only dreaming.
Well that's what the story tells you anyway.  Dreaming is, for some, an ability to be in another dimension and as alive and active as what we believe is our normal reality.  Actually more alive and more able to do things which are believed to not be possible otherwise.  Confusing?  I was confused at first even though I thought I knew what was going on, but then I had to question things and get all the lines blurred again.
Follow the path and you won't get lost.  Really?  No.  This story is not that easy or it would be boring.  This creation takes you on a journey that is anything but boring.  The characters bring it to life and as you learn about them your emotions join theirs and you even want to shake them up a bit when they do or say something you know they shouldn't.  That's what you'd do in real life so if the author can bring that through on the page, then he has done his job.
The great thing about fiction is you can create anything you want.  The hard part for the author is to make it believable.  If you can convince your reader that this could actually happen, get them to feel like they are really there in the moment, and make them want to read more, then your creation becomes real.  The reader loves it, and imagines it as a possible real tangible event.  This book brings the story and its characters to life.  Yes there is some explanation of the new never before known elements replication, but the story as told is pretty darn good.
I have to say there are a few places where it seemed the characters would not get out unscathed or even alive for that matter.  But the author, using his great creative mind manages to move them forward and leave you nothing but surprised and entertained.
It is a mystery fantasy journey that students and a few teachers take into another realm of reality.  It's a story that happens mostly in the dream world with a little of the "normal" reality mixed in.
I have to say I was surprised and happy with the story.  It wasn't what I expected, and the author's ability to weave a tale that has to have a sequel or two yet still has an ending was wonderful.  It's entertaining, and I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Buy it here.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Beneath the Willow by Gemma Farrow, A Book Review

A short horror story written to keep you reading and wondering how it ends.  It's a story of love, horror and the ultimate test of faith in that love.

Writing a short story can be more difficult than you think because you have to tell a compelling story, limit any excursions or deep details, and yet propel the characters forward to a speedy ending that the reader will remember and enjoy.

Some authors have an ability to do just that, and do it well.  Gemma is one of them.  I am not much of a reader for horror stories, but the reviews I read before purchasing this book lead me unable to resist reading it.  The other reviewers were right, it was a very well done short story that I will remember for some time, and even find myself still thinking about it from time to time days after I finished it.

In the story, Thomas and Keziah were the epitome of soul mates.  They were deeply in love, had a wonderful future at their feet and lived their lives to make each other happy.  Nothing was beyond acceptable to do for each other.  You know the couples who finish each other's sentences?  They have each other so ingrained in their thoughts that even when they are not present, they hear them, feel them, know their very soul.

So what could possibly ever happen that would change the direction of their lives so completely?  If one thing happened to one of them that drastically changed that person physically, emotionally or intellectually, how would the other one react?  How would they live, how would they deal with the change?  How would each of them deal with a mind rendering change to the dynamics of their relationship and the gut wrenching twist to their souls?

Before anything changed, Thomas and Keziah believed in each other.  They carried the umbrellas that harbored their souls, clinging to the truth that neither would do less than everything for each other to love, honor and protect them.  So when one did change, the need to continue carrying the torch of stalwart devotion became not only more intense, but more absolute than ever before.  There was only one question on each of their minds.  Did this change everything; did the other one's devotion suffer a tear that would soon unravel the whole union into pieces as incohesive as grains of sand?
You will be wondering that question as you turn the pages, looking for the grade on the test of their souls.  Your thoughts will go from one to the other feeling their pain, and while you ponder what should happen, you'll be greatly thankful that this could never happen to you.  Or could it?  Get the book, and then you can decide.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scepter by Scott L. Collins, A Book Review

An adventure sprinkled with fantasy and fun every child, teen and young adult will love.  What am I saying, I am an older adult and I really liked it.

Getting near the end I wondered how Scott was going to end it so quickly, unless of course it had a sequel.  Yup, that is what's going to happen because the next adventure must commence especially since this one wasn't really a finale.  It certainly reached a summit, but there is a realization when reading the story that a whole lot of things can happen in the end, and of course while getting there.

Creating a story of characters that are already friends is one thing, but bringing in strangers to become friends and weaving their lives together can be a task.  Scott does that with a charm and detail that brings them to life.  You enjoy meeting them, and really enjoy joining them on their journey.  You wonder, revel and sympathize with their situations, thoughts and emotions.  Turning the pages to find out what happens next is the only thing you can do.  Unless of course it becomes a movie, then you can watch that too, which is really what you see in your mind as you read this book.  Honestly traveling with these characters was fun and exciting.

This book is one of the reasons I really love to read fantasy.  You can create anything you want and the readers will gobble it up asking for more.  The story can weave, dodge or jump with something new, and well written stories keep you seated easily adapting to the change.  The story marches forward and you are steadily beating the drum stomping forth for more.

One of the things I hate with some books is beginnings that drone on trying to set the stage for the storyline or characters.  This book's beginning set the stage if you will, but you really didn't realize it until further into the story.  Then you had your ah ha moment that tied it up with a bow.  And then realizing what was going to have to happen still didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the story.  That's due to not only the story, but how it was written.  The moving forward never stopped or slowed down; it just flowed like a river over an obstacle course as you thought about what pool it would settle in.

Scott created a story of two brothers and then two sisters and then two more brothers who become not just friends but comrades, allies and fighters for not only themselves and their families, but strangers and creatures alike.  Their special gifts allow them the abilities needed to help and succeed whether others felt no hope.  Their greatest gift to others was not the fighting they did, but the hope and love they offered.

Get this book for your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and strangers.  They will love the characters and truly enjoy the tale.

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