Friday, November 8, 2013

Beneath the Willow by Gemma Farrow, A Book Review

A short horror story written to keep you reading and wondering how it ends.  It's a story of love, horror and the ultimate test of faith in that love.

Writing a short story can be more difficult than you think because you have to tell a compelling story, limit any excursions or deep details, and yet propel the characters forward to a speedy ending that the reader will remember and enjoy.

Some authors have an ability to do just that, and do it well.  Gemma is one of them.  I am not much of a reader for horror stories, but the reviews I read before purchasing this book lead me unable to resist reading it.  The other reviewers were right, it was a very well done short story that I will remember for some time, and even find myself still thinking about it from time to time days after I finished it.

In the story, Thomas and Keziah were the epitome of soul mates.  They were deeply in love, had a wonderful future at their feet and lived their lives to make each other happy.  Nothing was beyond acceptable to do for each other.  You know the couples who finish each other's sentences?  They have each other so ingrained in their thoughts that even when they are not present, they hear them, feel them, know their very soul.

So what could possibly ever happen that would change the direction of their lives so completely?  If one thing happened to one of them that drastically changed that person physically, emotionally or intellectually, how would the other one react?  How would they live, how would they deal with the change?  How would each of them deal with a mind rendering change to the dynamics of their relationship and the gut wrenching twist to their souls?

Before anything changed, Thomas and Keziah believed in each other.  They carried the umbrellas that harbored their souls, clinging to the truth that neither would do less than everything for each other to love, honor and protect them.  So when one did change, the need to continue carrying the torch of stalwart devotion became not only more intense, but more absolute than ever before.  There was only one question on each of their minds.  Did this change everything; did the other one's devotion suffer a tear that would soon unravel the whole union into pieces as incohesive as grains of sand?
You will be wondering that question as you turn the pages, looking for the grade on the test of their souls.  Your thoughts will go from one to the other feeling their pain, and while you ponder what should happen, you'll be greatly thankful that this could never happen to you.  Or could it?  Get the book, and then you can decide.