Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rising Book 1 Resistance by Laura Josephsen, A Book Review

Resistance is pertinent to freedom, and that word brings the reader to not only identify with the characters but actually live and breathe their steps, and then almost chant for more.  How precious freedom is, and how quickly, quietly and stealthily it can be taken away.
This story starts out with an innocent laid back, lacadazical feeling.  It is quite the understatement really.  I actually thought it was going to be a quaint relaxing, and moderately moving story.  I knew the characters would move you emotionally, but I didn't expect them the story to shake you up. 
Laura has woven her characters with emotions, plot twists, and suspense to drive the page turn with gale force winds.  Even if you think you know what happened or what will happen, you just might be surprised.  I think Laura took the expression 'things aren't always what they seem' to heart.  She wrapped those words around the characters like a shield, creating a puzzle that you have to put together piece by piece, page by page.  Well done.
The story centers around two people but doesn't short change the others involved.  You don't pass them by anxious to get back to what the leads are doing because each one is driving the plot in some way, making the story whole and complete.  You begin to realize that everything has a purpose, an expose, or clue to who a character is, or why or what is going on.  Sometimes you have to wonder who someone really is against what they seem to be.  It keeps you guessing and that makes it fun.
If you like to read artfully crafted stories that move you on a continuously emotional and creative path, then you will really enjoy this tale.  If you like suspense, mystery and innovative tales, then you must read this one.
Alphonse is a kind of literary geek who had no clue to anything about his father other than his academia record, and he had no desire to know more or venture outside of his own academia.  He was content and secure right where he was.  Secure is the operative word here.
When Alphonse was pushed into action out of necessity, or more like a feeling of responsibility, his world turned upside down.  He didn't have street smarts, and secure was a word he could no longer even pronounce let alone feel.  But he soon found out that things could be worse and fortunately, some things happen for a reason.  What that reason is, he would go through a venture to find out, but even when he thinks he has found the answers, reality will slap him back into a new mind twisting quest.
Get the book and live the venture with Alphonse.  I am sure as I did, you will enjoy the journey.